Ted, in charge of security (guard cat!) from Washington.

Amelia, our newest kitten. She is from Washington and in charge of humor and speed races around the house. She also enjoys sitting in the passenger seat on the Harley.

In Memory of


(Siamese, seal point) died at the age of 20, affectionately know as "the old bitch", mostly because she told all of us what to do and helped raise the kids.


(Black Siamese) He was with us for 19 years and was the man of the house, unless Minerva told him otherwise. She always had the last word whether it was with cats or people, hence her nickname. These two joined our family in Texas and grew up with our children.


Also known as Jup. He was our gentle giant. He stopped by one day for lunch in California and never left. He was strong and younger than the others, but he had a stroke one day and we lost him. He's chasing butterflies in some field right now and having the time of his life.

Pooch, the office cat (The Boss) from
Texas.  She is gone (after 14 years with us) but there is no way she will ever be forgotten.
Pooch on Carol's Harley

Our Dinner Guests

These guys love to come and visit


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