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cw_scar1thb.jpg (5154 bytes) First you take a really great Harley (this one is Carol's) 1997 Heritage Springer (we call it the 'primpmobile' because there are so many accessories for it).
cw_scar2thb.jpg (4938 bytes) Another view of this really great bike!  (does this sound like bragging?)
cw_scar3thb.jpg (5034 bytes) Then you take the best Sidecar ever built - LIBERTY  of course!   Note the Tombstone tail light.  Great attention to detail, perfect color match.
cw_scar4thb.jpg (5504 bytes) Another view of this great sidecar! Notice how the wheels and tires match the bike, the ribbing on the seat also matches the blue on the bike. Pete has shown great attention to detail as you can see - the spotlight on the sidecar matches the front lights of the Springer and the small light on the fender matches the small light on the front fender of the Springer.
cw_scar5thb.jpg (5293 bytes) This is another view of the sidecar.  Behind the sidecar is the creator and designer, Pete and in the very corner of the picture is Charles (the man who painted this sidecar and took great pains to make the bike and sidecar match perfectly).  They both did a fine job as you can see.
At Last!  The first Liberty Sidecar built, assembled and attached at the new Seattle Location of Liberty Sidecars.  I took delivery on a bright Sunday morning and even had a free driving lesson from Pete himself.  Brave man, Pete, he even rode in the sidecar with me after the first hour!  More about that later.

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